[TEST] The greatest human beings that have ever lived in the history of the universe.

After week one of the Genomics zone we’re approaching the eliminations and starting to wonder which of our inspiring scientists are going to miss out on the prize and the kudos of winning I’m a Scientist USA. It’s been a really successful first week, with nine schools chatting with the scientists and over 180 questions submitted to ASK so far. As a new teacher to the program said: The students loved it! Did not really know what to expect, but it was great. Thank you so much! We have schools from 8 different states, from California to Montana, New York to Wyoming, and scientists in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Colorado and California. Live chats are taking place from early in the morning on the East coast to late in the afternoon on the West coast and as we enter the second week most of the country has switched over to Daylight saving time, except … Continue reading

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this is a test

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